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PM Light
« on: June 08, 2008, 04:17:16 PM »
I often use an external viewer (set as editor) such as Irfan View (Win) or Preview (Mac) to check an image closer or to keep it as a reminder what or who on the pic am I looking for on different shots. Irfan View is quite efficient in this field and also lets IPTC to be edited EXIF to be viewed, but for Mac I didn't quite find such a useful viewer and I would be more happy if I would have say a PM Light for this. Light in the way it shouldn't offer all the functionalities PM has. Only showing one image and edit its tag, color class metadata.
I would find such an app very useful times when PM locks me out of work since it is doing a long drawn renaming or exporting or something similar. Since in these cases one cannot use PM such light app could still allow one to view images one by one, check maybe finetune captions and color codes too.
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