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No show some informations
« on: September 26, 2011, 12:45:48 AM »
it is possible to "mask-unmask" some informations and make a copy of this new picture.
Why not have this possibility during the "save as" or "send by email".
This is why.
I am location manager and work for films and commercials (in Brussels/belgium).
I take my pictures with a GPS on my camera.
Find the location is easy to find with the GPS information.
You can find it, in photoshop and other professional software, under the advance property - EXIF (exif GPS lat and long).
I don't want to give that information to my clients.
And, as there is no mark on the picture "masked", it is very dangerous to work on the original file.
SO, now "I mask"  XMP, then "i save photo as" in another directory, then I can send the pictures by mail or CD/DVD.
It will be very easy to "mask" before saving or sending by mail.

And have a mark on the pictures "marked".

Another question: isn't it possible to create a stationery pad with only the IPTC photographers work with.
With this feature, having the possibility to suit one as close as our job.

Thanks for you time.

PS: i worked with fotostation since 10 years.
Your soft is more precise and more usable.
Nice to use it.

Jacques GOFFIN - location manager Brussels (Belgium).