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Keyword sorting
« on: June 29, 2006, 02:30:58 PM »
Keyword lists are presented by Photo Mechanic sorted in alphabetical order. This is convenient as you can type the first few characters of the keyword you want to insert and list jumps to works starting with those characters.

However, the sort is case-sensitive with all upper-case words presented first, which is very inconvenient. For example, if a keyword list contains "Susan" and "sport," the list will position to Susan whenever "s" is entered and sport may be way down the list from there, after all the other capitalized entries and after all the lower-case entries before "s" in the alphabet. Pressing "s" again doesn't (always) take you there. I can't figure out what happens when you press the same character again as it seems inconsistent from key press to key press, even allowing time for program to decide that this is a new first letter, not the next letter in a word.


1. Sort the list alphabetically, but ignore case. If there is some good reason for a case-sensitive sort, allow the user to enter upper or lower case and go to only upper or lower case entries. If there is no entry matching the case chosen by the user but there is one with the opposite case, go there.
2. When the same character is pressed again (after a suitable delay) go to the next instance of a word starting with that character. Again, honour the user's choice of upper or lower case.