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Just to say thanks
« on: April 14, 2009, 07:24:09 AM »

I've struggled with being able to identify tennis photos when covering multi-court tournaments. I came up with a way - I set up the values in the drop down list under insruction as "court 1 boys", "court 1 girls", "court 2 boys".... and so on.

Then, I get the photogs to shoot the court numbe followed by their action shots from that court, then the next court number followed by the action shots from that court.

then I can have anyone with 15 minutes trainning injest a card, select all shots from a court, CTRL+I and pick the court and gender from the drop down, apply, ALT+1 to mark them as done, and hit ? to refresh. As I leave the filter to only show zero starts, the list of images keeps shrinking.

A few times per day I select all the 1* files, do a copy of the files to a "processed" directory, sorted by the instruction field, then time, and rename them to {instruction}{filenamebase} and in a directory, I now have the days shooting sorted by court and time within court. Then I ALT+2 them, so they do not get copied over again.

then I suck them into Exress Digital for sales.

PM is making this quick and easy. Top marks on a super product guys!

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Re: Just to say thanks
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2009, 01:52:56 PM »
Yes PM is a really good product! It seems everyone loves to use it because of its efficiency.

But if your guys shoot one photog per court or they use pro bodies it can be even more easier. You can select the images based on the camera body (if one photog/body shoots allways the same court), or you can sort images by folders if the photogs can set destination folder on the camera (Canon and I am sure Nikon pro bodies allow it).
With a Canon 1D you can create folders manually and shoot field 2 into 102EOS1D and field 5 into 105EOS1D, and you may sort the images even auomatically during ingest either into separated folders or just mark them with different markings.
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