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Edit -> Find -> IPTC data -> found photo color


Annie P:
When I use the Edit -> Find -> IPTC to find photos, I have a really hard time distinguishing the FOUND from the NOT FOUND.

I have the background color unchanged, and there is not enough difference between the light gray (found) and slightly darker gray (unfound).  Is there some way to change the background color of the FOUND photos?

Many thanks for anything that might help me distinguish between the two classifications.

Annie P

Annie P:
Additional info to above:

When I try to change the background color to anything other than the default gray, it doesn't change.

I go into Edit -> Preferences -> Preview -> then colors and try to change it there.  I even exited and restarted PM, thinking that might be necessary.

I looked in help and could find nothing.

any ideas?

Annie P:
Pardon the post.  I finally found the answer elsewhere in the forum.


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