Author Topic: Star Rating not filtering  (Read 2383 times)

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Star Rating not filtering
« on: June 18, 2009, 08:35:55 AM »
I have a few contacts open - I've put 1 start a 1 or 2 images in some of the contacts - Some already filtered by a color or 2. when I go back to look at just the 1 star images in some of the folders clicking on shift 1 star has no effect actually none of the starts has any effect. if I close that contact and reopen it - it works fine. Normally the sort progress bar show but nothing happens - Like I did nothing. At first I thought it was just slow/hesitating  but I was able to do other things instead. 

I was going back and forth opening images in PS2 - Now that I closed 7 of 10 the last 3 are fine - I think 3 of the  other 7 had that problem.
Win XP pro SP3 - PM 4.6.1

Now I'm in one ot the last 3 it has 3400 jpg+nef even though all colors & stars were selected no images showed up - I clicked and un clicked a few that I know I have marked - nothing. Then I switched control to IE to finish writing this and they are all there. Maybe it's being very slow. I've not seen this behavior before. Now I've not change anythig and it is as responsive as usual. I can't seem to repeat any of this at the moment.

I'll play again later.

Joe Sorrentino