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Kirk Baker:
Hello everyone,

We're always happy to answer your questions in these forums, but if you need urgent support, we recommend that you directly contact our Support Team to get the fastest reply.

Before you post an issue on the Support forum, please consider the severity of your problem and decide if you need immediate help or if you're willing to wait for help.  If you want more immediate help, you should consider contacting our Support Team here:

If your issue is less urgent, feel free to post on the Support forum.  Turnaround time on the forums can be minutes to hours depending on how busy we are with our primary duties. You can also browse our Help Center for common support topics:

How to post about your issue:

* When you post an issue on the Support forum, please include the version of Photo Mechanic, the version's build number, and the OS name and version with your issue. We will need this information to get you the help you need faster.
* Whenever possible, post a JPEG screenshot that illustrates your issue. Use the 'Attachments and Other options...' link when you're writing your post and there you'll be able to upload your JPEG format screenshot. JPEG ONLY, please.
* How to find your Photo Mechanic build number?
Go Photo Mechanic > About and find your build number there.
Here is an example of a post to write:
I am running Photo Mechanic version 5, build 13217 on Windows 7x64. (Then list the problem and any steps to follow to reproduce the problem, and post JPEG screenshots if they help illustrate the problem.)


-Kirk and the Camera Bits Team

Kirk Baker:


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