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FTP connection settings
« on: September 09, 2009, 04:09:38 AM »
Hi Kirk,

recently, I have noticed that some FTP-Push clients have some trouble with images sended by PM. The reason here is, that these servers will send a ping or an email just after a dedicated time (e.g. 5min) without activety. So the problem is now, that when sending large amount of images which takes e.g. 1h or so, the agency is getting a notification after finnishing the entire upload - in this case 1h and 5min later.

My question is now, is it possible to include a feature which will close the ftp connection (after every 10 files or so), automatically. Or in other words:

- upload 10 files
- close the connection
- open a new connection
- send next 10 files
- ...

Furthermore, is there any way to user define how many files will be send at the same time. Currently, I guess two files will be send in parallel.

Thanks for your help,
and best regards