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Please, please give us the option...
« on: March 28, 2010, 02:42:22 AM »
Dear Kirk,

Using PM 4.6.3 and I continue to only get 20% of the crops made on Canon Raw files in PS CS 3 Camera Raw come through. It really is beginning to bug me... Why can we not have a feature to turn the crop preview off? For me these previews have not worked properly since they came a feature in PM and to be honest I have no need of them in my work flow. The fact that they don't show through properly just get me worrying that PM is not working correctly. I already ran in to the bug where PM would knock out the crops in PS, thankfully that now seems to have been sorted!

Please either fix the problem and get it working 100% of the time, or please please give us an option to turn it off.

Thanks as always for the great software.
Charles Teton

Support Info: PM 5 latest, 2 x Canon EOS 1D MK IV, 2 x 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR2, Mac OS 10.6.8, 20" Apple Cinema Display. Multiple Firewire 400 & 800 HD's and Multiple USB 2.0 HD's, approx. 12TB total.