Author Topic: Play all sound files in a selection of images on a contact sheet  (Read 1339 times)

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I know you can play a sound file through a shortcut key if you have 1 image selected, but it would be handy to be able to play multiple sound files sequentially from a selection of images.

I use sound recordings to notate the change in competitors for sporting events (when one person comes up to play).  Every photo between sound recordings goes with that athlete.  Ideally, I would like to select photo 1 for the athlete and then SHIFT+CLICK the last photo for that athlete and hit the "play sound(s)" shortcut key.  While that starts to play, I can hit CTRL+I and get into IPTC to enter the athlete info I have spoken into the sound recorder.  I don't have to worry about hitting that teeny-tiny sound icon once I have multi-selected.

An additional benefit of this enhancement would be situations where I add additional voice notes along the way documenting something special about one of the photos in that series.  I would first hear the sound file identifying the athlete and then the sound notes that going into my IPTC as well.

There may need to be some kind of safety catch in there that either prevents more than "X" sound files from playing without a YES/NO dialog or a way to cancel the sounds being played in the event you accidentally selected the entire contact sheet and hit "play sound".

From a flow standpoint about where my hands are going (and minimizing the amount of mouse/trackpad work), it think this would be a valuable enhancement.  When I am coding information into a day's worth of shooting, I want to stay on keyboard and not use the mouse any  more than I have to.


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