Author Topic: Photo Mechanic 4.6.5 Release Candidate  (Read 4702 times)

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Photo Mechanic 4.6.5 Release Candidate
« on: June 29, 2010, 08:37:10 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the first public release candidate version of Photo Mechanic 4.6.5.  This new version addresses a few issues that were discovered after the release of Photo Mechanic 4.6.4.

Download the Mac OS X version here.
Download the Windows version here.

Version Information

Version 4.6.5

* (Mac) Fixed a problem with creating the disk cache folder if it doesn't already exist.
* Added support for RAW "SRF" files from the Samsung NX10.
* Made watermarking able to have scaling options for any of the nine locations, as long as there is only one location checked.
* (Mac) Added more options for how Autocompletion is initiated, and provided a popup menu of choices (as per Mac OS X standard).
* (Mac) Spell checker now works on Mac OS X 10.6 thanks to a work-around for a longstanding Mac OS X 10.6 bug.
* Changed the evaluation of variables when being used as part of a folder path (e.g. Ingest folder path field) to prevent certain variables such as {date} from creating unwanted nested folders such as year/month/day.  This essentially reverts to 4.6.3 behavior in certain circumstances (changing illegal folder name characters to '-') while still allowing nested folders to be created when variables are used in code replacements.  When a variable is evaluated before it is used as a code lookup, and when being used to create a path, any illegal folder name characters are now converted to dashes.
* Fixed additional issues when handling images (e.g. TIFF or PSD) with file sizes greater than 2GB but less than 4GB.  Also, files larger than 4 GB are now "disabled" by making the file a "proxy" if this feature is enabled (otherwise the file is not visible).
* Added {artist} (or {arti}) variable for TIFF Artist field that is set by some cameras.  If you are using a camera that writes the TIFF Artist field, then you can put this variable in your IPTC Stationery Pad for the "Photographer" field to transfer this setting to IPTC/XMP during ingest, for example.
* Added {tiffcopyright} (or {tifc}) variable for the TIFF copyright field that is set by some cameras.  As above, you can put this variable in the IPTC Stationery Pad for the "Copyright" field to transfer this setting.
* Reverting TIFF-based RAW files now removes any end-of-file preferences when the File settings call for RAW files to be unmodified and the appended EOF prefs are the only difference compared to the original RAW file.  However, you must check the "Backup IPTC/XMP to XMP sidecar files" option in the Revert dialog.
* The Zenfolio uploader template now automatically selects new galleries created at the root level.
* The Save As dialog is now hidden during the save process.
* Structured Keywords no longer crashes when searching for an exact match for the word 'root'.
* (Mac) Cropping RAW images with a constrained crop no longer has issues when the crop is dragged to the top of the image.