Author Topic: Save as file size limiter (lg and small) ie between 1-2mb per image  (Read 2331 times)

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Hey guys,
Many wire services require that all images submitted be between 1mb and 2mb in demanded by the big boys like Sports Illustrated, Espn etc etc.

Now, we have to sort by file size and try to guess at which point they will start exceeding those limits on either end.  Surely there is some way that upon saving the files (save as) a range of file sizes could be simply selected (like the file size slider now, only with both a top and bottom end).   

I realize that in practicality, no real difference exists...but thats not the way the magazines like to work.  They demand the images be larger than mb and less than .   

Brad Barr

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Re: Save as file size limiter (lg and small) ie between 1-2mb per image
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 04:16:22 PM »
Hi Brad,

This (or very similar) request has been made earlier. Kirk's standard reply is: currently wanted filesize is just informal. PM checks the first file sleected and chooses a compression for it to meet the set size. However to have all files match the given filesize the compression level should be determined separately for all images. This would cause adding a lot of repeating checks and a lot slower action.
I don't remember where this feature request (filed by me too) can be found, search for it on this forum.

I second your request anyway. Please add it as an option with a big red warning of slower process...
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