Author Topic: Photo Mechanic 4.6.6 public beta 3  (Read 4017 times)

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Photo Mechanic 4.6.6 public beta 3
« on: September 29, 2010, 05:34:37 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the third public beta version of Photo Mechanic 4.6.6.  This new version addresses some issues that were discovered after the release of Photo Mechanic 4.6.5.

Download the Mac OS X version here.
Download the Windows version here.

Version Information

Version 4.6.6
* Optimized scanning of large contact sheets, especially if they contained a number of TIFF files.
* Optimized disk input on all image files, but especially on TIFF files.
* Compressed (LZW or ZIP) planar TIFF files are now supported.  Uncompressed planar TIFF files now load much faster.
* Added the new PhotoDeck uploader template, provided by
* Fixed an issue in the PMSlideShow exporter template where accented characters would not work correctly.
* Fixed a bug where applying an IPTC Stationery Pad with variables and code replacement would not work with Supplemental Category fields.
* Fixed a problem with exporting and importing Structured Keywords data.
* Switching between date/time formats in the IPTC dialogs now remembers user-modified date/time and restores it.
* Reverted to 4.5.5 method of reading the "is tagged" preference (EOF takes precedence over IPTC/XMP) because tagging edits in earlier versions (e.g. 4.5.4) would not be visible in 4.6.5.
* Save As no longer allows an empty renaming string.
* (Mac) Fixed a problem with copying/moving files to a volume that no longer exists.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue where working with server volumes that did not support the Finder Locked attribute would cause virtually all functions of Photo Mechanic to fail.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue where Searching for a Mac File Type would not work.
* (Mac) Fixed issues Searching for exact text matches.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue with Quick Search that allowed cache images to show as results.
* (Win) Fixed an issue where entering accented characters in Color Class labels in the General tab of the Preferences dialog would not work correctly.