Author Topic: PM 4.6.6.,Gallery2 Upload, Filenames beneath uploaded Files in Gallery2.  (Read 1593 times)

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Hello again,

sorry, I've got the next Question about the Gallery2 Upload Function in PM 4.6.6. I work with an Intel Mac, OSX 10.6.6.

After the upload my pictures appear in my G2, but I can not see the Filename beneath the picture in the Gallery. The name is missing, because the field entry for it (so called 'Titel' in my german Gallery) is left blank in G2.

Usually (al least in 'Gallery Remote' ) this field is filled by the uploader with the actual filename. Thats useful, since most visitors of G2 would like to have a name for a picture when they want to talk about it.

If the 'Titel'-field is left blank, then the only other option i know is to fill out the field file by file manually in G2. Annoying. You don't want to do this with hundreds of 'keepers'.

Now - I'am not sure if this is a support question or a feature request. So, my Question: is there somewhere in PM a option to define the 'Titel'-field - maybe variable based and switchable - with the actual filename for the G2-Upload?

Please let me know, that I'm only missed the proper dialog in PM..

Regards, Christian