Author Topic: PM does not save restored IPTC/XMP preference snapshot completely  (Read 1157 times)

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I am running Photo Mechanic version 4.6.6 and I run WinXP SP3.

In the box "When writing IPTC/XMP:" of IPTC/XMP preferences I select the two marks "Add embedded IPTC" and "Add embedded IPTC4XMP" for TIFF-based RAW photos. Then I click on "OK". The next time I open IPTC/XMP preferences, these two marks are shown (correct). Now I restore a snapshot called "Lightroom3" and the two marks disappear as stored in the snapshot (correct). Then I click on "OK". Now I open IPTC/XMP preferences again and the two marks are visible again (wrong). I restore the snapshot a second time (the two marks disappear), press "√úbernehmen" ("Apply" in english) before hitting "OK" and open IPTC/XMP preferences again: the two marks are visible (wrong). Even exiting PM (IPTC/XMP saved with no marks before exit) and re-starting does not help. The two marks are shown again (wrong). My only workaround: restore the snapshot, press "OK", re-enter IPTC/XMP preferences, de-select the two marks and press "OK" again. Using this workaround, the two marks are not visible the next time I enter IPTC/XMP preferences.

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