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metadata and video clips
« on: March 08, 2011, 05:42:12 AM »
[PM 4.6.6 on Mac OS X 10.6.6]


After reading another post here I discovered that I could set QuickTime Player as my "editor" for videos in the Launching preferences, and now I can easily view movies from within the PM contact sheet (press E to launch QuickTime). Nice.

Historically, I have separated my photos and videos but I'm starting to think this is not the best approach going forward, and being above to launch QT from PM is making it such that I'm considering just keeping my photos/videos in the same directory structure.

I have several questions about this:

* It seems that PM is able to embed metadata into some video files. Is there a definitive list of video file types supported by PM where keyword/caption embedding is possible? For example I notice that it recognizes MOV but not MTS.

* Is there any reason for me to NOT let PM embed metadata into my movies? Some context for the question is that I set PM to embed metadata into my JPGs but to use sidecars for my raw (NEF/CR2) files, because I'm just feel more comfortable not touching with the raw file. I understand PM is pretty reliable here, but I'm just extra cautious, and PM handles the sidecars wonderfully (I do everything from within PM and I never have to see or manage the XMPs at all - it takes care of updating/moving them as required).

* Do I run the risk of video file corruption by letting PM embed metadata into my video files?

* Is there some way for me to tell PM to *always* generate a sidecar for certain file types (i.e. video files), like I can tell it to always use sidecars for my raw files? For example, could I configure PM to continue embeddeding metadata for JPG/TIF, sidecars for raw, and sidecars for MOV/AVI/MPG etc? Right now it seems like you can control the behavior for two classes of files only:

1 - JPG, TIFF, PSD, DNG (and apparently files like MOV though I don't see this documented?)
2 - TIFF based RAW files

Would be nice to be able to refine this further to control for other file types, if it is not already supported.

Thank you