Author Topic: Transferring or saving rating, class and rotation information to second drive  (Read 1234 times)

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This feature would really save me time – I 'ingest' images directly onto my laptop harddrive and a portable harddrive simultaneously, wipe my memory card and then edit them later on my laptop harddrive. I'd like to transfer my rating/rotation info onto the same images held on my secondary harddrive without deleting and rewriting all the files I've already saved there. I'm sure I can't be the only person who saves to two drives – I use the second as back-up.

My current workaround is to show only rated and/or rotated images on my laptop harddrive and select using Cmd+A, then select Edit>Save Selection. Then I select Edit>Load Selection on the same images on my secondary harddrive, and rate and/or rotate those. But this only allows one rating/class and one-way rotation and is rather laborious.

So please, please, could there be a way sometime in the future of saving rating, class and rotation information and applying it to the same images held on a secondary harddrive?