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Keyword writing to XMP
« on: August 30, 2011, 12:29:41 PM »
PM 4.6.7, Win7 Pro, 64 bit

Presently, PM will write keywords to one or more of 3 separate fields in metadata depending on your settings in Preferences/IPTC/XMP:

1) IPTC - Keywords
2) XMP - Subject
3) XMP - HierarchicalSubject

Keywords written to the IPTC Keywords field and the XMP Subject field appear to be interpreted as flat keywords by PM and other software.  Multiple flat keywords are generally separated by a comma in most software.  If I look at multiple keyword strings using ExifToolGUI they are separated by an asterisk (*) which is apparently interpreted as a comma by PM and most other software.

My problem involves hierarchical keywords which I like to apply using PM during ingest or shortly thereafter.  But problems arise when using other software, mainly Expression Media.

In order for hierarchical keywords to be interpreted correctly by my other programs they must be written by PM with a pipe separator (|) and they must be written to the XMP HierarchicalSubject field (Wildlife|Animals|Dogs|Beagle).  PM does this perfectly.

But the problem is that some software needs to see flat keywords as well as hierarchical keywords in order to function properly.  So I need to write hierarchical keywords and flat keywords to XMP simultaneously.  Presently PM will not do that correctly.

If I instruct PM to write a keyword string to the XMP Subject field (flat keywords) and the XMP Hierarchical Subject field, PM writes the same string to both fields, namely: Wildlife|Animals|Dogs|Beagle.  This does not work with other software.  The hierarchical field is interpreted correctly but the flat keyword field is interpreted as a single keyword, namely: "Wildlife|Animals|Dogs|Beagle" instead of 4 separate keywords: Wildlife, Animals, Dogs, Beagle.  This problem causes massive keyword problems in my other software, Expression Media.

So my request is that PM allow me to write comma separated flat keywords to the IPTC Keywords field and/or to the XMP Subject field and hierarchical keywords separated by a pipe symbol to the XMP HierarchicalSubject field simultaneously.  The only change necessary would be that PM would write comma separated keyword strings to flat keyword fields and pipe separated strings to the hierarchical keyword field.  Or at least give users that option.


Bill Wood