Author Topic: FTP does not work after installing 4.6.9  (Read 1065 times)

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FTP does not work after installing 4.6.9
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:37:51 PM »
After upgrading to 4.6.9 FTP  is no more working.

Message:  "20120603 Sonntag 2458.jpg [error: Could not make connection to server. ]"

No other Server could be connected. Trying to re-rergister the license ends with the same message: "The Authentication Server was unable to be contacted. .... please contact Camer Bits  ...  (503) 547-2800""

Safari and Mail still work on the same machine with no problems.
Mac OSX 10.7.4
Substitute FTP "Yummy FTP" works also well, but is not part of my workflow.

Any idea?

Rgds. Guenter

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