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Another variable problem
« on: July 10, 2012, 06:17:11 AM »
Sometimes I need to rename a bunch of files. In V 4.x I use rename and a string like: {filename:0,11}{jobname}{filename:-12}. That would leave the first and last part of the name, which contain date and number etc. Changing the jobname or entering some letters did work without any problems.

on V5 I would get an error: An error occured while renaming photo 2012-06-25-Berlin-6309-O1.xmp.......

The file (or set of files in this case) will be temporarely renamed to: _###_TMP_00000_2012-06-25-Berlin-6309-O1.xmp.

After the error the former name will be restored. These are sets of 3 file each (Nikon D800 video) with the extentions .mov, .xmp and .xpi.

thanks again