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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 (Beta 3) Posted
« on: July 13, 2012, 05:59:18 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We have a new beta for you all to work with.  It has the following improvements:

Soft-rotation reverts to old setting when changing soft edits like tag, rating, and color class.
Inability to clear color class.
Locked images should retain their 'tagged' status when Ingested.
Saving frames from videos now works in all the different ways one can save a file from the Preview (pressing 's', Command-S, Context menu, Save As menu item on the File menu.) (Mac)
XMP sidecar files for videos should no longer show up as orphaned proxy files.
Thumbnails of videos should never look skewed. (Mac)
New lighter UI option for Dialogs and Message boxes.  See the Accessibility section of the Preferences dialog (Mac)
Search and Structured Keywords dialog coloring is more consistent on Dark UI mode. (Mac)
Refined error checking on Watermarks.
Missing check boxes in Print dialog are back where they should be. (Mac)
Removed some options from the Preferences dialog that no longer make sense.
Customize IPTC dialogs buttons are now disabled when Classic IPTC dialogs are enabled.
Fixed an issue where using the Find/Find and Replace/Keywords/Structured Keywords with no open Contact Sheets would crash Photo Mechanic.
Fixed flickering issue when Ingesting or Uploading when Tasks pane is hidden. (Windows)
Fixed issue when IPTC dialogs are customized to have very few fields in them such that there would be no scrollbar and the controls would be at the bottom of the window. (Mac)
Added new selection handling options in the Find and Replace panel.
Clicking outside of an existing crop with the crop tool active should now clear the crop. (Win)
Crops may now be started outside an image from any edge.

There will be more to come over the next few days.

You can download the betas here:

Mac OS X (10.6.8 and 10.7.x)

Windows (Vista and 7)

Build number is: 12883

If you find an issue, please start a new thread, list your OS and system info, and please list the shortest set of instructions needed to reproduce the issue.


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