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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 (Beta 2) Posted
« on: July 06, 2012, 06:46:01 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Please see the updated announcement of Photo Mechanic: Version 5.  The download links point to the second beta version of Photo Mechanic: Version 5.

Release notes:

Fixed an issue with the Windows version that would cause demo users to have problems using Version 5 after the initial usage.
Fixed an issue with the Mac OS X version when viewing large numbers of thumbnails.
Added an option in the Crop settings to allow the display of a central crop crosshair.
Changed the default color used for the 'no crop set' background on thumbnails in the contact sheet.
The Mac version's application name has been changed to "Photo Mechanic 5" to eliminate the possibility of users writing over their existing copy of Photo Mechanic 4.6 or earlier.