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The London 2012 Code Replacements Repository
« on: July 24, 2012, 05:45:07 PM »
This post contains updated links to code replacement files for the London 2012 Olympics.

PLEASE update to the latest code replacement file before your event by clicking on the appropriate link below.  We will "silently" update the code replacements as we obtain new/additional information or find errors.  We highly recommend that you review each code replacement file for accuracy before using them at an event!

Please review this post for additional background information.

Due to the amount of support we have needed to provide at the MPC, we have been unable to keep up with all of the code replacement files for every sport in a timely manner.  We are doing our best but we aren't super-humans like the athletes.

NOTE: Depending on your web browser you may need to "right click" on the links below and select "download" to prevent your web browser from simply displaying the code replacements in a browser window.  You need to download the ".txt" files onto your computer, then load the code replacement file(s) into Photo Mechanic.  Please be sure to only load the code replacement file for the event that you are covering/editing as the codes from one sport/event may conflict with code replacements from other sports/events.

Posted Day 15 (Saturday 11 August):
Women's Cycling, Mountain Bike
Men's Cycling, Mountain Bike

Posted Day 13 (Thursday 9 August):
Women's Handball finals
Men's Hockey finals

Posted Day 12 (Wednesday 8 August):
Women's Cycling BMX
Men's Cycling BMX

Posted Day 10 (Monday 6 August):

Posted Day 9 (Sunday 5 August):
Women's Marathon
Athletics  (This is all 2200+ athletes for all Athletics sports, proving The GREP is mightier than the sword!)

Posted Day 8 (Saturday 4 August):
Women's Cycling Team Persuit
Women's Trampoline

Posted Day 7 (Friday 3 August):
Men's Triathlon   (unofficial; from International Triathlon Union)
Women's Triathlon

Posted Day 6 (Thursday 2 August):
Men's Swimming
Women's Swimming
Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics
Synchronised Swimming

Posted Day 5 (Wednesday 1 August):
Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Posted Day 4 (Tuesday 31 July):
Men's and Women's Table Tennis
Men's Canoe Sprint
Women's Canoe Sprint
Men's Foil
Women's Foil
Men's Sabre
Women's Epee

Posted Day 3 (Monday 30 July):
Women's Badminton
Men's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball

Posted Day 2 (Sunday 29 July):
Men's Handball
Women's Handball
Men's Badminton
Women's Water Polo

Posted Day 1 (Saturday 28 July):
IOC Country Codes
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Hockey
Women's Hockey

Posted Day 0 (Friday 27 July):
Men's Team Archery
Women's Team Archery
Men's Individual Archery
Women's Individual Archery
Men's Water Polo
Opening Ceremony Flag Bearers

Posted Day -2 (Wednesday 25 July):
Men's Football
Women's Football

To convert capture date into day number of Olympics:
Olympic Day Number
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