Author Topic: V5.0 Not Responding & CRC Error Msgs. in PM.log  (Read 2159 times)

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V5.0 Not Responding & CRC Error Msgs. in PM.log
« on: August 12, 2012, 08:37:28 PM »

Hi Kirk,

Re: Win 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit, 16GB RAM, Photo Mechanic 5.0 build 13158

Photo Mechanic 4.69 is still installed and works fine. I uninstalled each PM 5.0 beta and the release candidates before installing v5.0 Final.

I'm getting occasional random *not responding* error messages in PM 5.0 and have to shut the prgm. down but can't quite pin the problem down to one action.

At times after closing PM 5.0 down and then relaunching it it will not open. When I go to Task Manager | Processes | End Process and close Photo Mechanic.exe (PM 5.0) it will once again launch.

My PM.log file starts at PM v4.6.6 (12-26-2010) and ends at v5.0, build 13158 (8-12-2012) and is 57.5MG in size.

CRC error msgs. begin showing up in my log file starting at:

Photo Mechanic version
[Tue Dec-13-2011 23:43:10.744][2564] ruby_embed.cpp:90 ($Revision: 1.31 $) scan_for_templates: ignoring empty search  path(s)


Photo Mechanic version
[Thu Dec-15-2011 09:31:38.684][4876] NRFPNG.cpp:151 ($Revision: $) tEXt: CRC error
[Thu Dec-15-2011 09:32:08.312][4876] NRFPNG.cpp:151 ($Revision: $) tEXt: CRC error
[Thu Dec-15-2011 09:34:22.200][4876] NRFPNG.cpp:151 ($Revision: $) tEXt: CRC error
[Thu Dec-15-2011 09:34:41.911][4876] NRFPNG.cpp:151 ($Revision: $) tEXt: CRC error

And they continue through Photo Mechanic v5.0, build 13158 - the difference being that v5.0 stops responding whereas v4.6x did not and I don't recall visible error msgs. in any of the 4.6 versions.

The error msgs. all seem to emanate from within one folder on my system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Re: V5.0 Not Responding & CRC Error Msgs. in PM.log
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2012, 09:22:26 PM »

The CRC error refers to specific PNG files that you're browsing.  You should be able to ignore them.

The PM.log file is not essential and can be safely deleted.

As for your hang issues, I don't know what the problem might be, there is not enough information in your message for me to make a guess.

If you can come up with a set of steps that will allow me to reproduce the problem, I will do what I can to fix it.