Author Topic: JPG-sharpening in PM5 to aggressive  (Read 9853 times)

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Re: JPG-sharpening in PM5 to aggressive
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2012, 06:34:32 AM »


If you are using a D800E then you probably don't want sharpening on Save As.  The particular sharpening parameters chosen are meant to combat the anti-aliasing filter that most sensors have (but the D800E doesn't have), and provide for some detail recovery when resizing.  Also, perhaps the D800 is noisier (at a given ISO) than previous models since the sensor buckets are that much smaller.

PS - how are you getting grayscale images?  Are these images processed by some other application like Photoshop, and if so did you do any sharpening in Photoshop?


Thanks Dennis.

Yes. I think you are correct about the sharpening requirements of a D800E relative to, say a D700. But the difference in requirements is, to a large extent, reflected in my post-processing steps before exporting to web or to print.

For web JPEGs, I think some sharpening is still required. 

The greyscale images are produced within Capture NX2. When I convert an image to a web JPEG in NX2 (ie don't use PM) I find some additional sharpening in appropriate. Of course the amount varies.

Hence I think that a sharpening level slider in PM's Save As would be useful. 

Right.  This thread is both asserting that the current sharpening in PM 5 is somehow more aggressive than exists in PM 4.6.9 (which is what Dennis is responding to) and requesting a feature that would allow the sharpening settings to be adjustable.

Making sharpening adjustable is certainly possible but would have to wait until Cataloging is complete.

We're trying to address any sharpening bugs that exist in PM 5 (which after Dennis' extensive testing, appears not to be the case) and feature requests will have to wait.


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Re: JPG-sharpening in PM5 to aggressive
« Reply #16 on: March 17, 2014, 11:58:32 AM »
Why we have to wait until Cataloging is complete? I can use Lightroom for cataloging!
I need PhotoMechanic for fast image processing - and sharpenning is the most commonly used feature that has a bug now!