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Code replacement for multiple fields concurrently
« on: December 18, 2012, 02:21:06 PM »
I always have to enter the same data into multiple fields eg Description and Keywords.
So something like "Fred SMITH enters the field of play" in description and then "Fred Smith" in keywords.

It'd be great if I can set up a roster file with a syntax like:

shortcut | [IPTC field name | value] | [IPTC field name | value ] | [IPTC field name | value ]
essentially a pair of field name and value.

So I would have as above

n1 | Description | Fred SMITH | Keywords | Fred Smith,

When I enter \n1\ in the Description field the keyword will be appended to the end of the Keyword field. The interface would be where the cursor is the first value pair will be expanded and the other values will be appended at the end of the field.