Author Topic: Retrieve IPTC Location information from GPS coordinates in IPTC Stationary pad?  (Read 2520 times)

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I'm very new to PM and while I've searched and not found anything about this I'm not sure the functionality I'm asking about isn't already in there, so I figured I'd ask in General first. I'd love to be able to tell PM to fill out the IPTC location information by taking the GPS coordinates already in the files (embedded by my Solmeta Geotagger Pro 2), looking them up in the appropriate map service (reverse geocoding - so far nothing Lightroom doesn't do), but then use that information to fill out the location info under "Events and location" and "Location taken or shown". I know this wouldn't always yield ideal results, but looking up some of my geotagged images, this would be a fantastic addition to automating my workflow even further. Is this possible today? If not... pretty please?

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As far as I know it is not present in PM yet. I also think it would be a nice addition, although I do not know what kind of work would be involved to implement this reverse geotagging and whether it would be low in terms of priority.

-Luiz Muzzi

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Photo Mechanic does not have a reverse geocoding feature.