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keyword requests
« on: November 19, 2006, 02:06:35 PM »
I have a couple of requests for keywording:

  • keyword completion
    I imported a large list of keywords (couple hundred) into PM. It all works, but I find it very clumsy to find the keyword I'm looking for. It requires a lot of scrolling up/down the keyword list.
    In my mind, it would be more efficient to have the keyword list auto scroll to the correct keyword based on what is being typed on the keyboard (like Google search for example).
  • keyword hierarchy
    I would like to set up my keywords in the following hierarchy.

       - Mountain Biking
           - Downhill Racing
              - Steve Peat

    Then I could select the "Steve Peat" keyword and have PM add keywords for each level of the hierarchy (PM would add three keywords -  "Mountain Biking", "Downhill Racing" and "Steve Peat").

    This would allow a single keyword to be selected quickly, but actually have a whole bunch of related keywords added automatically, rather than each one separately.

  • support for the mouse scroll wheel (Windows version)
    when they keyword list opens, i can scroll up/down by clicking on the arrows at the top and bottom of the list, but the mouse scroll wheel is ignored.
    Many of us Windows users use the scroll wheel for the majority of our scrolling tasks.

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