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Kirk Baker  May 06, 2006, 06:32:06 am

Hello Everyone,

Please post your Code Replacement text files in this message board.  When you post your files, please describe what is in your set of Code Replacements, and post a few lines of your file into your message so others can see what is in the file without having to download it first.  Make sure you use TXT files and not RTF files.  RTF files contain all kinds of strange things in them that Photo Mechanic was not written to work around.


This Code Replacement file is for NASCAR racing (updated 5/6/2006)

N95    #95 Stanton Barrett, Chevrolet, Stanton Barrett Racing
N16    #16 Greg Biffle, Ford, Roush Racing
N22    #22 Dave Blaney, Dodge, Bill Davis Racing