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I have written a php script which may be useful to people covering rugby matches, it lets you scrape the team lineups for any upcoming rugby match from and format them into a Photomechanic code replacement file.

1. Go to the "preview" of the match on
2. Highlight the team lineup at the bottom of the article (ONE TEAM ONLY), select from the first letter of the team name to the last letter of the last replacement player's name, copy to clipboard.
3. paste the text in here
4. Click "Generate" copy the resulting text into your code replacement text file.
5. Repeat for the second team

This works as long as planet rugby's team lineup is written in the format they currently use (comma seperated list of players with their numbers. List preceeded by the team name with a colon... ie:

Castres:15 Romain Teulet, 14 Romain Martial, 13 Romain Cabannes, 12 Seremaia Baik, 11 Marc Andreu, 10 Remi Tales, 9 Rory Kockott, 8 Antonie Claassen, 7 Yannick Caballero, 6 Jan de bruin Bornman, 5 Rodrigo Capo ortega, 4 Christophe Samson, 3 Karena Wihongi, 2 Brice Mach, 1 Saimone Taumoepeau,
Replacements: 16 Mathieu Bonello, 17 Yannick Forestier, 18 Matthias Rolland, 19 Piula Faasalele, 20 Thierry Lacrampe, 21 Remi Lamerat, 22 Marcel Garvey, 23 Mihaita Lazar

i've been using this recently ... thanks for posting, its great. Work perfectly

Just spotted this message .. the link doesn't work anymore .. is it not supported anymore? Or is there a new site?

it's working again

Le lien ne fonction plus  :( j'ai réussi à le faire fonctionner une fois et depuis plus rien


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