Author Topic: PM 5 crashing  (Read 999 times)

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PM 5 crashing
« on: March 28, 2013, 09:55:06 AM »
PM 5 (13857) is still crashing.
We work on a MacPro (10.6.8) and since yesterday also on a new iMac ( 10.8.3)

I will start to explain the first problem:
- On both computers:
  if I open a folder with 229 jpg files they don't appear, see attachment.
The MacPro PM crashes inmediately (see attached files)
On the iMac only a part is visible.
Also attached a jpg file.

I did what (Bob Russell) support devised (empty the cash in PM5 and the Library folder in my Home folder)

I hope you understand my explanation.

Thanks for any help.

[attachment deleted by admin]