Author Topic: AFL Arena Bowl XX (6-4-2006)  (Read 4812 times)

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AFL Arena Bowl XX (6-4-2006)
« on: June 04, 2006, 04:17:26 PM »
Code Replacement for the upcoming Arena Bowl: (Current as of 06-04-2006)

c0   Kevin Kasper
c1   Carlos Wright
c2   CJ Johnson

c0x   Kevin Kasper (0) of the Chicago Rush
c1x   Carlos Wright (1) of the Chicago Rush
c2x   CJ Johnson (2) of the Chicago Rush

o1   Jake Eaton
o3   DeAndrew Rubin
o4   Idris Price

o1x   Jake Eaton (1) of the Orlando Predators
o3x   DeAndrew Rubin (3) of the Orlando Predators 
o4x   Idris Price (4) of the Orlando Predators

Use 'x' on the end of the code for the extended players name with team information. Also general codes for team names and coaching staff included.

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