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Half-Hour Staggered Starts
« on: August 30, 2013, 03:07:09 PM »
I had a reasonable question this week that I've come up with an answer for using code replacements; I thought I would share.

Is it possible to break photos down by a time range and send them to folders labeled with that time range? What I'm looking to do is break runners' photos down into time range periods like 9:00:00AM to 9:29:59AM. This way runners can search by the time they ran.
Since you can't round the minutes to 00 or 30 in our variables, I made a list of entries for 00-59 that will evaluate to either 00 or 30. This way you can use in your Destination field
Code: [Select]
Runners/{h24}=min= and you will end up with folders showing "Runners/0900" for 9am-9:29am and "Runners/0930" for 9:30am-9:59am, "Runners/1000" for 10:00am-10:29am and so forth.

If you wanted use names for the starts, you could use the {h24} and {min} variables together for the code replacement.
Code: [Select]
Code Replacements:

Code: [Select]
0900      Green Group
0901      Green Group
0929     Green Group
0930     Purple Group
0931     Purple Group

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