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Save tags or color tags + folder name
« on: May 09, 2006, 08:45:11 AM »
Hello Kirk,

A feature request I've looked and don't think is possible with the current version of PM.
In my earlier PC days (I still have a PC desktop) I was using Breeze Browser and it had a nice feature I used a lot when working with a given folder on my laptop and desktop. I could "save tags" or "load tags" from one computer and apply this tag file to the same folder on the other computer and quickly see my tag images (it can also be done with ranked images, what PM calls color class)

An example would be that I shoot a job on the road, starts to tag images before arriving home, then I finish tagging images on the desktop (now I've copied the given folder on both computers). If I need to leave and edit the images again on the laptop I just "save tags" from the desktop, take the small file (I can even send it via e-mail because it's a txt file) and later apply it to the folder on my laptop and quickly "see" my tags images without having to copy the whole folder another time back to my laptop just to see my tags made on the desktop.

A second request would be to have the option to see the whole path on the folder tab (windows) or the contact sheet (mac) (or part of if the directory tree is long). My images always go in a sub folder called "originals", so if I work on a few different jobs for example I can only see tabs side by side saying "originals" (on my PC) Maybee the tab could stay short but the uppermost window tittle bar could display the full directory tree ??

Thanks for a great and always improving tool !!