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code replace in multiple fields
« on: July 15, 2014, 12:29:32 AM »
HI, I am trying to create a workflow shortcut which I hope you can help me with - I currently use code replace and simply tab through fields and use the codes but wonder if there's a better way to do things.

background is that i currently use two lines per athlete - one with the athletes name and country  - so using "me" would be \me\ - and a second line which contains additional keywords in a second line for which I use the plus 1 naming convention \me1\ so as you can see, a pretty simple data model to work with and I simply keep the second line in the text document updated.

( I actually have three default lines in my text document for each event too so that I can quickly recover any of the default information I have on ingest should I accidentally tab highight and delete the information in a field with an incorrect mouse move for instance - one for each of the three fields I use  -description/headline and keywords  - that's just a tip incase its useful for anyone )

For each event, when I ingest images, I use local iptc pad and set a template so that when I click on "i" or multi-select and click images - iptc stationery pad - I get the iptc pad which is pre-populated awaiting my code replace inputs

I use the person shown field to enter the first line of my code replace \me\ and that then populates the description and headline fields so that's good and saves one set of keying

I then tab to keywords and use the second line \me1\ to augment the pre-populated keywords

What I am tryint to achieve is to use this convention but find if there is a way to have the single use of persons shown field to also activate the second line of my code replace text file to populate  \sa1\ for the key-words, is there any way to take the first line code, and have some script inserted into the key-words field which would populate on the use of {prsn} and append the 1 to activate the code replace from my text file?

Any thoughts and input greatly appreciated



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Re: code replace in multiple fields
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2014, 01:15:12 AM »

I suggest entering "me" in some unused field and then reference it in your other fields with Code Replacement.  On your first pass, you enter your codes corresponding to what is in the photo.  Then apply an IPTC Stationery Pad to all of your images, using \{field_variable_name}\ in your Description and Headline, and \{field_variable_name}1\ in your Keywords field.  You can easily fill out all of your IPTC data in two passes: the first pass identifies the subject, and the second pass fills in all of the specific data.



BTW, Code Replacement is incapable of replacing data in more than one field when used interactively (like in the IPTC Info) but is very capable of replacing in multiple fields when used in batch mode (IPTC Stationery Pad.)