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iPad app
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:33:42 PM »
Hi I'm a wedding photographer, I've been using photomechanic for around 8 years I absolutely love this application.

I would love to see an iPad app for photomechanic, similar to the Lightroom mobile app.

(*it took me awhile to try it out... ) however recently I have tested a new workflow with iPad Pro added to the mix.

Working on my iPad when I'm in the city and airport, it surprisingly works amazingly. So easy to take around and I can do about 70% of my post wedding work on the iPad Pro.

I load images to my mac book pro at home in LR.

Then synced with LR mobile. Note. I also have an option to load the images to my iPad using a work offline mode, on the LR mobile iPad app. I assume it's some sort of 'smart preview, Rather than the actual photos as it downloads quickly, however for culling and basic editing it works well.

I think a photomechanic app would be epic, for this work flow, I love this product so much...

Even if you just flagged the chosen images and the selection synced to the laptop at home, so when you arrive home you can export.

With the app just using some sort of smart previews or something thing....

Anyway just thought I'd request the app.


-N :D