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Hayo Baan:
Hi Kirk,

Ideally you'd offer both a) opening all folders in a single contact sheet and b) all in separate contact sheets.

As for the limit. I reckon you normally would choose this “Reveal in Contact Sheet” on a small number of images (but these could of course be in large folders). But why limit at all? If a user requests the contact sheet for many many images, that's what he/she really wants. You don't currently have a limit on “Open folders and subfolders in contact sheet” now either do you, and that too could run into thousands of files?

Anyway, how about a user adjustable warning limit, just like you now have with “Edit Selectected Photos”?

Hi Kirk

Originally I was just interested in locating one selected image. But I see the advantages of Hayo’s proposal. Agreed that there would perhaps have to be practical limits.



This is another one that ON1 RAW has. Reveal in folders opens, in the program, the folder where a selected image resides.

Show in Finder/Explorer opens an OS file manager window where the selected image resides.

I do use the " folders" feature. I just checked. It's limited to one image at a time. (I guess it has to be in their case since they don't have the ability to open multiple contact sheets/folders.) One image at a time seems fine with me.

Just for the record, since I use and like ON1 RAW and don't want you to get the wrong idea, I don't consider it to be competition to Photo Mechanic. I think the two programs are complementary. Where ON1's functionality overlaps Photo Mechanic's, they don't (and don't claim to) equal or replace Photo Mechanic. That said, they are doing a lot of stuff very cleverly and I feel that some of their features will become pretty widely adopted. (This is where we acknowledge that in this space "standard" or "best practice" generally means "copied from Photo Mechanic". Just what it is.)

Yes, this is something I'd also like to see: showing the selected image's folder in a contact sheet. I don't think I'd have the need to show multiple images at a time myself.


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