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Photo Mechanic Plus Beta 7
« on: August 09, 2019, 06:47:02 PM »
Hello Everyone,

This is the sixth update to the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.  This beta is open to all Photo Mechanic 6 users.  We would appreciate you trying the beta of Photo Mechanic Plus and giving us your feedback and relay any bugs that you find to us.  Two new message boards have been created to discuss the beta.  Please do not discuss the beta on any of the other boards.  For support on the beta post in, and to request features, post in

Please note that the Photo Mechanic Plus Beta is not feature complete nor is it tuned for maximum performance.  Any catalogs you create may need to be updated if the underlying database format changes.

We invite you to be part of the development process.

Download links:



Public Beta 7 Release (R3543)

NOTE: In an effort to improve the product, changes have been made to how Photo Mechanic Plus  reads the lensused and capturetime fields.  Your existing catalogs will still continue to function, but will initially contain older data for these fields. As you browse images in your catalogs, Photo Mechanic Plus will automatically update catalog(s) with new data for these fields as any differences are encountered. Although there is currently no way to perform an automated "bulk update" of existing catalog, but we anticipate providing such an update tool in a future release. Thank you for your understanding.

• Fixed: Modification time not preserved during Ingest / Copy.
• Fixed: certain trackballs/trackpads had issues with invoking context menus.
• Fixed: Size Info Unavailable when Command-clicking a thumbnail.
• Fixed: Incomplete Rescan process when folder content changes.
• Fixed: Single click zoom toggle opens image zoomed in.

• Fixed: Deleting an image from a contact sheet would leave a blank thumbnail until the contact sheet was rescanned.

• Improved user scrolling controls for all filters when filter stages have their own scroll bars.  Hold down the Shift key while using the arrow/page up/page down keys to scroll the entire stack of filters.
• Improved Filter and Browse item toggling. Selections now persist when tree branches collapsed/expanded (tree items that have children selected will show a parenthetical number after their name). Better keyboard access for navigating and toggling items in the Filter and Browse panes.  To toggle an item via keyboard, press the spacebar or the enter/return key and the item with the ‘cursor’ indicator will toggle its selection state.
• Improved visibility of selected items in Filter Stages.
• Fixed: Renaming a Collection sometimes becomes another Collection's name.
• Fixed: Double clicking a word while editing a Collection name incorrectly launches the Collection.
• Fixed: Filter tabs no longer reopen if a filter was active while catalogs are updating.
• Improved performance when viewing large contact sheet(s).
• Reduced level of logging information as it was getting excessive. Still work in progress.
• Performance and stability improvements to the inner workings of Photo Mechanic.
• Improved uploading to SmugMug allowing for gallery names exceeding 32 characters.
• Added support for Olympus Tough TG-6 RAW format.
• Fixed: Preview Info panel Snapshots not updating.
• Fixed: Search failure when using folder path and capture date range.
• Fixed: If a jpeg file only has an IPTC section, Photo Mechanic 6 does not find the IPTC Date.
• Fixed: Incorrect creation date shown for JPEG.
• Fixed: If a jpeg has an embedded ICC profile, then using the Embed ICC profile into Jpegs utility, with the box checked to Replace any existing profiles, will cause a file corruption.
• Fixed: Adjust Capture Times now sets the file system creation date correctly.
• Fixed: Contextual menu Add/Remove to/from Collection(s) now works with an item that is right-clicked on but is not part of a selection.
• Photo Mechanic Plus will now force-kill lingering pm-task processes on startup.