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Photo Mechanic 6, Build 4851
« on: July 08, 2020, 12:53:34 PM »
Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce an update to Photo Mechanic 6 for macOS and Windows.  This new build of Photo Mechanic 6 addresses a number of issues present in the 4538 build.



On macOS, Photo Mechanic 6 requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher  If you are using a Mac with macOS 10.9.x or older, you will need to upgrade to macOS 10.10 or higher to use Photo Mechanic 6.

On Windows, Photo Mechanic 6, requires a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.  If you are using Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98 or 95, you will need to upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 in order to use Photo Mechanic 6.

Version 6.0 Build 4851

• Fixed: Navigation Services dialogs not restoring the last used path on a per-feature basis.
• Fixed: Color Management not working correctly in Preview window when color management toolbar button is toggled.
• Fixed: Attempting to favorite a Spotlight Search will throw an error or crash Photo Mechanic.
• Fixed: Import GPS Coordinates now shows blue map pin when a photo has existing GPS coordinates.

• Fixed: A GDI handle leak that was responsible for the crashes that many users have been experiencing since Photo Mechanic 6 was released.
• Fixed: Windows Installer failing to replace some files.
• Fixed: Cannot enter ALT key sequences in the Metadata Info dialog box.
• Added: Find, Find and Replace panels are now resizable.
• Added: Better support for extremely large contact sheets.
• Fixed: Video thumbnails/previews now work correctly for H.264-encoded video.  Requires installing GStreamer 1.16.2.  You can get the installer here:
• Fixed: Structured Keywords Panel always on top causes issues when Metadata Template dialog is opened.  Now all tool windows are hidden when any modal dialog starts.  They are made visible again when the modal dialog is dismissed.
• Potentially fixed: Loss of keystrokes when moving through Previews.  We will need confirmation from users that currently experience the problem.

• Added: better support for getting metadata (EXIF, maker notes, GPS) from ISOBMFF still image formats (HEIC, HIF)
• Added: HEIF and HIF files can now be soft-rotated and have their capture time adjusted.
• Fixed: 90 or 270 degree rotated HIF files can now be rendered.
• Fixed: Render Cache aging/purging was broken.  It would purge items that had been newly rendered if the user had set a time limit for cached previews.
• Fixed: Restored single folder-based tabs now sort correctly when using one of the custom sort types.
• Fixed: Uploaders should not send sidecar files for JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, etc.
• Fixed: Photoshelter upload template now allows existing files to be overwritten.
• Fixed: Amazon S3 upload template now shows upload rate in Upload progress window.
• Fixed: Amazon S3 upload template stalls when opening.
• Fixed: Crop Previews drawn off-center.
• Fixed: Crop Preview mode automatically deactivates when moving to an image that has no crop.
• Fixed: Panasonic {firmware} version number is now correct.
• Fixed: Autocomplete now obeys settings more consistently.
• Fixed: Applying a crop to an image (or adjusting Capture Time) with a soft rotation made in PM when the image does not have the EXIF orientation tag no longer loses the soft rotation.  Orientation data is now stored in XMP in this case.
• Fixed: Set GPS Coordinates not updating XMP. Now always checks for GPS in XMP, even if there is EXIF GPS data. Only uses XMP GPS data if EXIF GPS data doesn't exist. XMP GPS data is now updated if it exists when GPS coordinates are set.
• Fixed: Crash issue when updating improperly-formatted IPTC in JPEGs saved by GIMP. PM will repair the odd-sized APPD markers created by GIMP when a metadata update is done.
• Fixed: PM Classic Exporters - HTML <img> alt attribute now uses description text.
• Fixed: Adjusting a crop that is at an angle no longer causes the crop box to jump to the cursor.
• Fixed: Issue with full size crops being larger than the source image.
• Fixed: Added reserved space for widgets at the bottom of the preview window. This makes sure that full size crops can always be manipulated.
• Fixed: When saving out an image to a fixed box size, sometimes a row or two of pixels would be lost.
• Fixed:Using the modifier key while clicking on the Clear crop button now clears both the crop and constraints.
• Fixed: Modification Time sorting with no filtering now takes the fast path.
• Fixed: RAW+JPG pairing is now deterministic.  The joining prefers three letter extensions over four letter extensions.