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Complete Reviews of Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum
« on: November 10, 2021, 08:34:46 PM »
Consumers always vote shark apex uplight vacuum as one of the best vacuums on the market today. Why is this, and how do I know if this vacuum is right for me?

When buying a vacuum, customers often pay attention to many issues such as:

  • How does the machine work?
  • Is the design convenient?
  • Is the cleaning efficiency high?
The Shark Apex Uplight vacuum reviews below will help you answer these questions and make the best decision.

Shark Apex Uplight Overview

Shark has always been the leading vacuum supplier brand trusted by customers.

Its Navigator and Rotator product lines for many years have always brought stable revenue streams. However, when Shark-Dyson's rival launched small, modern vacuums, the Navigator and Rotator were considered too bulky.

Therefore, the Shark changed by releasing Shark Apex Uplight Duoclean. And the positive feedback from customers is proof that Shark has made the right move.

1. Design

As mentioned above, uplight apex was born with a modern, compact design that is very convenient.

The vacuum weighs 11.2 pounds and only 5 pounds without the wand, and measures 10.44 x 11.38 x 46.9 inches. Thanks to that, you can easily move and store it anywhere in the house.

With a 30-foot power cord, it's a bit inconvenient if you have to clean up in a large space. However, you won't have to change the plug source frequently with a smaller and more compact space.

The Uplight also has LED lighting to make it more convenient to clean in dark areas.

2. Specifications

Regarding specifications, when buying Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean, you should pay attention to two parameters:


This Shark vacuum requires 700 watts of input power, 5.8 amps of current shows strong cleaning ability. The machine also has an automatic shutdown mechanism when the temperature gets too high.

So, how to clean carpet areas? The answer to this question will not be too difficult if you own anUplight vacuum.

The machine's suction power is strong thanks to the use of technology to create differential pressure in the air. With a suction power of 66 CFM, it can clean any surface in your home, from hard carpets to soft carpest.

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Dust Capacity

The Uplight vacuum is capable of holding 0.68 liters of dry dust. This is a suitable capacity for most houses today, but insufficient if you own a large home.

But you won't have to worry too much about this because the dust cup is easy to empty. Shark has also designed a transparent plastic dust cup that allows you to see inside and empty the trash when the bin is full.


Besides the specifications, consumers are also particularly interested in features when buying a vacuum. And luckily, Shark Apex Uplight is equipped with some very outstanding features.

1. Hepa Filter Technology And Anti-allergy System

One of the first outstanding features of the Uplight vacuum is its HEPA filtration technology and anti-allergy system. This advanced technology optimizes dust collection and protects dust in the container.

It won't be easy to clean tight places in the house with a regular vacuum cleaner. But if you use an Uplight vacuum with HEPA filter technology, you can remove up to 99.9% of dirt and debris. Even allergens like pet dander and pollen will be thoroughly cleaned.

This vacuum cleaner with a sealed system will always ensure that the air around you is clean while vacuuming.

2. Lift-away Feature

The second feature loved by customers of this Shark Apex Uplight is the “Lift-away” feature.

The feature allows you to separate and move the dust container with the push of a button. Then you can save time by carrying it with one hand and using the tool in the other to do your cleaning.

3. Integration of Many Necessary Accessories

Shark's Uplight vacuum is packed with the necessary accessories: a crevice tool, a pet brush, a fabric wrap, and an accessory holder.

The crevice tool comes with a brush that allows you to clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

While a pet bristle brush allows you to get hair and hair off the carpet, the upholstery tool will clean up the seats and mattress.

Finally, as the name suggests, the accessory rack is where the rest of the accessories are stored. When you want to use the functions of those accessories, you just need to get them here and install them.

4. Zero-Maintenance Technology

Your pet's hair or loose human hair may be too long and easily caught in the vacuum brush. Zero-M technology is a new feature of the Uplight vacuum that can solve this problem.

The comb-like Zero-M shreds can remove long fibers when vacuuming, so it doesn't get caught in the brush. Because if hair gets  caught in it, you'll have to remove it from the device manually.

However, in reality, Uplight's Zero-M is not much appreciated as customers still report tangled hair and hair in their vacuums.

5. DuoClean Technology

Contrary to Zero-M, which is a new feature, DuoClean appears in quite a lot of vacuum lines from the Shark brand.

Uplight integrates two rollers: front roller and rear roller.

While the front roller with soft microfibers helps to remove any dirt on hard floors, the rear roller cleans carpets with the stiff bristle brush roll. Two rollers rotating at the same time ensure more efficient cleaning.

6. Usability

With Uplight vacuums, you only need 15 minutes to learn to use them. The machine is also designed with a comfortable handle to help people, especially those with arthritis, use it more comfortably.

Not only that, but the machine's HEPA filter is also washable. Just be sure to let the filter dry completely before reinstalling. If it does not dry, the machine is at risk of damage, and the warranty might become invalid.

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7. Price and Warranty

Shark apex uplight corded lift away, despite possessing outstanding features, costs less than $170 on Amazon.

Not only that, the vacuum machine from this Shark brand also has a warranty of up to 5 years. This proves that the company is very confident with the durability of its product.

Pros and Cons of the Shark Apex Uplight

With the above reviews, below we will help you summarize the pros and cons of the Shark Uplight Apex.


  • Compact, modern design
  • Easy to move and store
  • Powerful 66 CFM cleaning power
  • Built-in necessary accessories for easy cleaning anywhere
  • Convenient Lift-away feature
  • HEPA filter technology and anti-allergy system protect the health of you and your family
  • Duo technology for high cleaning efficiency
  • Equipped with LED lights to illuminate dark areas
  • Good price
  • 5-year warranty

  • The 0.68-liter dust container is a bit small if you have to clean a lot
  • The 30-foot power cord is a bit short in large spaces
  • There is no mode to change the cleaning power
  • The hose is short and can only be used when in handheld mode
  • Zero-M technology is limited

Surely, through the article Shark apex uplight review, you can make your choice. In my opinion, this is a vacuum that is completely worthy of your experience. Not only possessing a compact, affordable design, the uplight is also equipped with new features and technologies that vacuums in the price range cannot match.
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Re: Separate file types into separate folders
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2021, 08:40:43 PM »

Hi, I want to separate the file types into separate folders for easy management.
Can anyone here guide me? Thanks!

When?  During the Ingest (download from the card) or after?

Basically each image has a 'type' which is a four character code (Jpegs are 'JPEG', NEFs are 'NNEF', etc.) and you can use the {type} variable to name your folders.  But that's not likely what you want.  There is the ability to customize what a variable becomes via another feature in Photo Mechanic called Code Replacement.  You can use the types (JPEG, NNEF, CCR2, etc.) as the 'codes' and choose your own 'replacements' (JPEG, RAW) for the resulting names.

Here is some documentation:

If you give me a better idea what image types you'll be using and what you want the folder names to be then I can give you more specific help.