Author Topic: Sorting by latitude and longitude from GPS metadata  (Read 4591 times)

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Sorting by latitude and longitude from GPS metadata
« on: January 26, 2008, 06:42:23 AM »

I'm trying to sort a large number of aerial photographs according to the latitude and longitude metadata in each photo.

While the map command (which is fantastic) allows one to review where a single photo was taken with a two dimensional reference (carried forward to Google Earth), can the photos be sorted two dimensionally (as opposed to linear) with reference to each other (i.e. so that the photos are, if you will, "mapped" or sorted in a contact sheet in a way that reflects where they were taken)?

My experience with sorting by "{longitude} and {latitude}" suggests that this is not a two dimensional sort because when the opposite command is used, "{latitude} and {longitude}" the photos assume a different order.

Maybe I'm asking for something which is be very difficult to calculate/program if many photos have to reference each other according to two metadata sets. I know very little about programming and mathematics however I would imagine that such a calculation would have an exponential order that might make it unmanageable.

Alternatively, if such a two dimensional sort is impossible (or even if it is) would it be possible to have a sort command that organizes photos according to their distance from one specific (master) photo. For example by selecting one (master) photo all the other photos in a contact sheet would sort in a linear fashion according to their distance from the lat/long of the master. When a new master is selected the other photos would reorient themselves accordingly. I have no idea how difficult this might be to program; if it is at all possible I would love to request such a sort option.

Thanks for a great product,
Louis Helbig