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Text field starting point
« on: March 08, 2009, 12:40:16 PM »

I just installed the new PM4.6 and have a quick question about editing IPTC info.  In previous versions, when I would click the little i in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail to edit IPTC info, the text field starting point would be at the end of the caption field.  Now, in 4.6, it's located at the start of the caption field.  My workflow goes much faster if I can always have it start at the end, like in the previous version of PM that I had.  Is there a way to edit its start point?  In my workflow, all of the photos have a specific template that I follow, so they will all have something like " Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  **LOCAL CAPTION** (and here I would enter in the people who are in each photo)"

Since I have to put the names of everyone in the photo at the end, it was very convenient to have it start at the end, I could start typing right after I opened the IPTC edit page.  Now, it's added an extra click, which may not seem like much, but it does put a minor setback into my efficiency, if I could avoid it, that would be great.