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Photo Mechanic 4.6.2 public beta 1
« on: October 16, 2009, 06:41:23 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the first public beta version of Photo Mechanic 4.6.2.  This new version addresses a number of issues that were discovered after the release of Photo Mechanic 4.6.1.

Download the Mac OS X version here.
Download the Windows version here.

Version Information

Version 4.6.2
* Improved support for Canon EOS 7D and 500D models.
* Added support for RAW files from the Olympus E-P1, E-620, E-450, and E-420 models.
* Added a preference to prevent modification of (non-DNG) RAW files when making metadata changes to tag, color class, and crop (although the TIFF rotation tag will be updated when rotating a photo).  The crop is now stored in XMP for RAW files and can be read by Adobe applications such as the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in.
* PhotoShelter uploader now allows the creation of hierarchical archive folders and uploading into any folder at any level.
* Structured Keywords are now read from and written to the lr:hierarchicalSubject bag for better cooperation with Lightroom and other applications using this new de-facto standard.
* When deleting Exif metadata with the Delete Metadata tool, if the XMP is not deleted as well then any Exif metadata in the XMP will be removed.
* Added {mediatype} or {mtyp} variable for the type of media (e.g. "still" or "video").
* Shortcutting the Uploader dialog now works much faster.
* (Mac) Command-Ctrl-Option-U now skips the Upload dialog and adds the selected photos to the current upload queue.
* When saving a copy of transmitted photos via an Uploader template, the sub-directory now accepts and expands variables.
* Zenfolio Uploader now allows files with multiple periods ('.') to exist in filenames and will now upload them.  Widened the "Destination Zenfolio Account" popup menus to allow more room for deeper hierarchies.
* Sorting in Contact Sheet is now numerically sensitive (e.g. abc10 comes after abc9).  Useful when you don't have leading zeroes before a filename sequence.
* The Copy dialog now has an option to clear the Move checkbox each time the Copy dialog is opened.  The Copy dialog now changes button and window titles when the Move checkbox is changed.
* (Mac) By default all Navigation Services Dialogs are run in a separate process.  Reliability should be improved for Leopard and Snow Leopard.
* (Mac) For Snow Leopard, added a new Service that enables the "Browse with Photo Mechanic" contextual item in the Finder.
* (Mac) Fixed an issue where Photo Mechanic would use 10% CPU time when idle on Leopard.
* (Mac) Arrangements for Contact Sheets whose folders contain accented roman characters now work properly.
* (Mac) Arrangements are no longer automatically updated unless an Arrangement has been made.
* (Mac) Finding in filenames for files whose names contain accented roman characters now works properly.
* (Mac) Uploader image processing no longer bothers to generate Finder icons since they wouldn't be used anyway.
* (Mac) The Quick Search toolbar item now has an option to revert to the original Contact Sheet folders.
* (Win) Child dialogs created by Uploader templates now operate modally correctly and no longer allow access to the parent Uploader window.
* (Win) Revealing paths in Windows Explorer now works with paths that contain non-ascii characters.
* Convert RAW to DNG now works correctly when a specific output folder is chosen.
* Fixed an issue where XMP sidecar files would be assigned to DNG files.  This had the side effect of causing file naming collisions when burning a disc containing a DNG file, XMP file, and a RAW file with the same base filename.
* Now recognizes little endian marker when parsing Photoshop's Exif data.
* Updating XMP now sets Exif date/time if they exist already.
* {cropwidth}, {cropheight}, {xc}, {yc}, {aspectcrop}, and {aspc} variables now work correctly on RAW photos that have crops on them.
* Filenames of Proxy files are no longer converted to lower case.