Author Topic: Photo Mechanic 4.6.4 public beta 4  (Read 3466 times)

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Photo Mechanic 4.6.4 public beta 4
« on: May 01, 2010, 06:49:47 AM »
Hello Everyone,

If you're having any sort of problem with Photo Mechanic 4.6.x, please do download and try the 4.6.4 beta.  A large number of user-reported issues have been fixed in this version.  If you have a problem that isn't fixed in the 4.6.4 beta, we definitely want to know about it.  Unless a very major issue is discovered after the release of 4.6.4, version 4.6.4 will likely be the last bug fix update for the 4.6.x series.  Now is the time to test the beta and report any issues you're still having.

If you have an issue in the 4.6.4 beta, we would appreciate knowing how to reproduce the problem, starting with a series of steps to follow, and a list of any file types, camera models, etc. that are pertinent to the problem.

Thanks in advance,