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ICC ???s
« on: August 28, 2010, 06:11:23 AM »
I am not a "photographer." But I do love to take pictures.

As a result of iPhoto, Aperture and several other apps out there messing with my files, I decided on a whole new strategy for filing, backing up and processing. I discovered PM!

As I sort through my 28,000 ± photos, I am trying to cull out dupes and get my files down, as close as possible, to the files that came off my cameras (or the cameras of friends) in the beginning.

I have many dupes and as I poke around with PM I have noticed that I have several files of the same picture(s) with different ICC profiles: Camera RGB Profile (embedded); sRGB Profile; undefined; Adobe RGB (1998) (embedded); Color LCD (embedded); NightTensor (embedded); sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (embedded).

If my goal is to get rid of stuff and keep a version of each photo/file that is the closest to what would have come off the camera in as unadulterated a way as possible: what do I keep and what do I delete?  ???

I hope this is clear. Many discussions here are far over my head...While I have a desire to learn, as my status on this board says: I'm a "newbie." So be gentle and keep it simple. OK?  ;)

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