Author Topic: No automatic refresh in the Navigator when making new Folders in Capture NX?  (Read 2986 times)

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I think this wasn't in the first versions of PM 4 I used, but I am not quite shure?!

When I work in an opened contact sheet, edit pictures and then make a new folder (for example in Capture NX) this new folder is not shown in the navigator, I have to manually refresh ... and then the nexst issue occurs: the navigator moves to somewhere else in the tree (I think to the top of the tree) and then I have to scroll to the right folder in the tree again, where the new subfolder is. Doing this several times is very, very much annoying!

I am using PM5 (but this was the same in the last versions of PM4), Capture NX 64bit, Windows 7 64bit.

Would be fine to have an automatic refresh ... that stays there, where the navigator was before a new folder was made!!!

Thank you for looking at it ;-)

Nice greetings

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Hi Micha,

As far as I know, the navigator never updated when there was e.g., a new folder, so this is not a new issue. As to your other problem, I have no idea. On my Mac (OS X 10.7 with latest PM5), a navigator refresh doesn't seem to suffer from the problem you describe  ???
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