Author Topic: Possible Bug > PM5 > Dark UI >Search Dialog  (Read 3663 times)

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Possible Bug > PM5 > Dark UI >Search Dialog
« on: August 22, 2013, 01:21:24 PM »
Similar to the problem with black text in the GPS Location Search field.

In the Search Dialog launched from the main contact sheet window :

1. Set the Search Parameters to Camera Model > Contains > All > "some text"
2. Enter the text in the text field and click away from the text window in the Search Window, (i.e. deselect).

Result: Text turns black / effectively invisible.

I'm sure this happens with most text field entries in the search dialog.
I'm guessing you need a parameter to flip the color of the "unselected" text when the dark UI is present.

Photo Mechanic Version 5.0, build 13915 (a16ea99)
OS X 10.7.5

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