Author Topic: Automate/Script PhotoMechanic+Safari (or other browser)  (Read 5446 times)

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Automate/Script PhotoMechanic+Safari (or other browser)
« on: December 08, 2006, 09:37:43 AM »
Hey...can I Automate/Script PhotoMechanic+PhotoShelter+Safari (or other browser)? I'm using mac OS X 10.4.8

I want to make my selects, upload them tomy Photoshelter account, create the "archive in PhotoShlter", copy a specific info to the "album description" in PShelter, make it public, price the gallery, then create the gallery for my client with the same attributes (same name as the archive, make it public, same gallery description, etc). Jut seem like I'm doing a lot of the same work twice.

I know this isn't an issue excluse to PhotoMechanic, but I thought some of you guys might know the solution...I've also posted this on
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