Author Topic: Can an NEF (or any raw file) have the same filebase (name) as it’s companion jpg?  (Read 3439 times)

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Love PM5 and am still learning everything it can do. My file naming convention is a little unorthodox in that I have been using numbers for file names for years. So - my ingest renames my files just using the {seqn} variable. When I shoot RAW + JPG and ingest, the JPG is incremented up 1 number from it’s matching RAW file, no real big deal but I am wondering if there is a way that both the RAW and the JPG can be renamed to have the same number before the extension? Like 10256.NEF and 10256.jpg. Would make it a bit easier to match the jpg to the NEF.

Any ideas?
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If I shoot RAW +JPG, I ingest first, then rename with sequence numbers added. I think this should work:

Ingest RAW and JPG into the same folder (this should happen by default)
Select all images
Select Rename Photos from the File menu (or Ctrl M in Windows)
Set the new file name to the variables {filenamebase} {seqn}  (the space is optional but I find it easier to read)
Click OK

That should do it.
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