Author Topic: very slow speed when using a Picture-folder on my Western Digital Home Duo NAS  (Read 3228 times)

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Hello to all,
since I stored my pictures on a Western Digital Home Duo NAS the speed of PM is terrible slow. Sometimes it take over 20 minutes!! to load the pictures. I tried several settings in the preferences but nothing worked.
I don t think I am the only user with a NAS from WD, and I also don t think that PM can t work together with a NAS from WD.
So what s the mistake I make?

I would try nearly everything to solve the problem, before I store my whole Picture-database back on my internal HD.

Any help is appreciated!!
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I try with my Synology NAS : 55 seconds to see 60 jpg.
It is not a good use of PM.
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Photo Mechanic's disk access patterns are not optimized for use with NAS systems.  NAS systems are very slow at returning directory information, and small reads of files.  NAS systems are best at reading large chunks of data (whole file reads).  But this access pattern would be much slower on local drives.  PM is optimized for use with local drives.